Audiotoop "Spatial Transition"


Spatial Transition was an installation made in collaboration with sound artist Marten de Windt for the Audiotoop Festival in Art Initiative Extrapool in Nijmegen. I had covered the walls with a linear horizontal graphic pattern painted with fosforescent pigment. The installation was activated during the evening in between the other performances. Sound and light collaborated in changing the physical environment. The space started off with blue light and low resonance. The audience was not fully aware what to focus on and there was still a lot of fuzz and mumbling. As the changes in sound and light became more concentrated, the whole room fell to silence. By now a stroboscoob had turned on and a high tone had entered the space. The final phase was cutting the lights completely leaving only the afterglow of the linear pattern on the walls and a thin high tone. The process took place in a time-span of seven minutes. A publication was made and can be ordered through Extrapool.