This was the second installation I made for Exedra's 'switch on - switch off' The title has a double meaning: I had to bridge the space to literally make a bridge through space. Let me explain. Here again the aim was to react on the specific environment. The exhibition space is not easy to influence since it is totally surrounded with windows causing it to be engulved by the street. However I did not want to cover any more windows or manipulate the space in any way to force out another concentration. The space had to be respected by keeping it in tact. Instead I wanted to make something that would become fully integrated with its surroundings. In the middle of the exhibitionspace there are the windows on one side and glass doors on the other. These doors opened to a terras but were never used which I thought was quite ashame. So I came to the idea of using these doors as an entrance and creating a passage into Exedra.

On either side of this passage was a wall made up of nylon threads(2 cm. apart from each other)barely visible to the eye, stretching all the way up to ceiling. The passage/bridge was 750 cm. long. I painted it the same colour as the floor to allow it to melt together. Underneath this risen passage I had mounted tube lights with blue foil in front enabling the light to poor out from underneath and reflect on the floor and the wall. The effect of this blue light proved to most intense at night for obvious reasons. The curtains of threads were lit up with three small spots. This nylon thread was transparant and only made visible when light reflected on it. When you moved through the passage the light concentration also moved creating a strange sensation of something you can't quite grasp visually. Unfortunately it was too subtle to clearly capture this on film. It was something that needed to be experienced realtime.