Een Dag aan de Gracht


This was a project organized by Moira and GAU for Uitfeest Utrecht: a yearly festival to open the new cultural season in Utrecht. Moira and GAU are both located next to a small kanal called Plompetorengracht. To represent themselves during the Uitfeest they invited five artists to make something specifically based on this kanal. I made a series of seven plexiglass panels to which I had applied special light foils. The design was an organic line pattern, drawing emphasis to the flow of the water. I had hung four vertical panels in the kanal allowing them to touch the watersurface. Visually the lines continued in the reflection of the water and from certain viewppoints you could hardly define where the lines of the panels ended and the reflections started. The two other vertical panels were mounted in front of the windows in The Moira exhibition space. The last panel was smaller and square shaped. This had been hung underneath the Plompetoren Bridge and marked the end of the boat ride that led the viewers through the kanal past the artworks. The works could of course also be seen from above, apart from the one underneath the bridge. The exhibit on location lasted two days.