This project was given to me by an online art agency called artolive. Expotech is a company that makes light and sound installations for events and conventions. Their main office is based in Amsterdam. In this office building they had 3 empty glass showcases. At first their idea was to present sculptures in these. When they got aquainted with my work they thought it would be more suitable and effective to use these as a base for a lightartwork. They also presented me with the medium they would like me to use being fibreglass tube lighting: cyclo. It is fibreglass that carries light from a powerfull projector.

In developing the idea I literally used the shape of the show cases, allowing the tube to follow the outer frame of the glass boxes, letting the corners transform to curves. In the middle showcase I mounted milky foil at each outer end and one thin strip at the top of the adjacent sides. I used this to capture the light that projects from the outer end of each tube leaving a diffuse circle in the middle on each side. The light also slowly changed form white to violet.