Next to the office of Hedah: center of contemporary art in Maastricht, there is a small room facing the street. Hedah invited artists to do something with this space focusing on the fact that people could only look into it from the street but could not enter the room itself. So this project space was titled: Hedah Behind Glass. My contribution was very subtle. I built a space within the space, making walls of semitransparent, white cloth(voile) leaving a space 0f 50 cm. away from the real wall. The light in the room became really soft and powdery. The floor in the middle was also made of cloth and lifted by crates leaving a space of 50 cm. between the real floor. Underneath this floating floor I had placed 35 watt white tube lights which were triggered by a time-clock at dusk. The cloth carried the light upwards and by night time the space was fully lit up.