Exhibition organized by Daan van Wel in a temporary space of Hedah:an old bakery. It was a group exhibition together with 5 Chinese and 5 Dutch artists. I made a lightinstallation in a peculiar in-between-space which must have served as a hallway once: it consisted of two doorways and a slanted wall. The front doorway opening could be seen through the window from the street and the other opening could only be seen if you entered the space in the connecting wall. I closed the center off, and mounted strokes of plexiglass containing a deep violet color. At the front opening, facing the the entrance, the color was projected on diffuse paper. The opening on the other side had this slanted wall. The slanted wall was covered with semi transparent fine cloth which was stretched tightly over wooden plinths. This served to soften the purple light which seeped in through the inner corner. Light source used were two 35 watt white tube lights for both sides.