Hedah Buiten (Hedah Outside) was a project organized by Daan van Wel and Miriam Reeders for Hedah: center of contemporary arts in Maastricht. The idea was to bring art outside into the city park for all those who are willing to see. My contribution was centered under a bridge where I made a curtain of thin nylon threads which ran vertically from under the bridge straight into the water. It crossed between both banks of the river covering a width of 8 meters. The space between each thread was 2 cm. The nylon threads were fluorescent yellow and the intensity of the color changed as the angle of the viewpoint changed.

At a frontal view you could hardly depict the threads but as you moved more towards it on either side the threads would melt together like a veil bringing out it's vibrant color. Spectators also enjoyed viewing it from the top of the bridge:bending over the railing. At night the curtain of threads was lit up by a stage light with a black light lamp in it. Even though the park was not so well visited at night hours, the unsuspecting passerby, could not possibly walk by without a single reaction. I'd like to thank my two assistants: Joris de Roeck and Margo Pot, without their help this would have never happened.