Ave Maria

This was an assignment commissioned by SKOR Stichting Kunst in de Openbare ruimte (Foundation for Art in the Public Space) for an elderly care centre 'Ave Maria' in Geulle, near Maastricht. Because of the character of the new building, designed by Teeken en Beckers Architecten, which was open and transparent, the choice was to invite a light artist to strengthen and emphasize this. In the concept of the work the aspect of transparency and different heights in perspective were used as a starting point. An integrated recessed orange light line protrudes upwards at the entrance which can be seen from the road. From there it continues into the lawn over the patio and draws into the core of the building entering, making an angle to continue through the other side of the building and disappear in the foliage of woods. The angles made by the line seemingly bounce against the walls like a billiard ball giving a zigzag shape. The line can be seen appearing and disappearing throughout the building and is thereby a visual binding element.

More information can be found on the web site of SKOR

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