A thin line between space and matter

Location: Birmingham Museum UK

scale: 4x4x4 meters

This work was created for the exhibition Lost in Lace curated by Lesley Millar. 20 international artists show a contemporary approach to the use of lace in their work. I built an installation with phosphorescent threads mounted 2 cm. apart from each other. Visitors have acces to the work by entering a closed space. Through an elevated walkway they can walk around the light installation. Using a geometric curve principle the final construction depicts a parabolic shape. From one angle it draws you in the depths of an endless tunnel and from the other you can see the different lines transforming into a net of screens that twist and overlap each other in transparant layers. A light program indirectly floods the recessed floor lighting up the threads in a variation of colors from turqois to golden yellow to evening blue. This is accompanied by uv led lights shining from above. Finally all the lights extinguish leaving only the afterglow of the phosphorescence in the threads. The whole space turns to darkness and all parameters of depth and distance vanish. It appeals to a new form of perception and a different way of orientation. The show is still on till the 19th of February 2012.

curated by Lesley Millar www.transitionandinfluence.com

Birmingham Museum www.bmag.uk

Lost in Lace lostinlace.org

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