Spatial Transition II

Tamar Frank in collaboration with Marten de Wind

Location: Centrum Kunstlichtkunst, Light Art Museum, Eindhoven, Netherlands
Size: height, width, depth 280x720x370 cm. (41 m2)

This work was created for the exhibition ‘Deep Space’ in the Light Art Museum Centrum Kunstlichtkunst in the summer of 2007. The incentive of the exhibition was to explore how light can influence the orientation of our surroundings and the perception of the space we move through. For the installation ‘Spatial Transition II’ a graphic linear pattern was applied to the existing walls with phosphorescent pigment. The lines gave deviating perspectives making corners appear and disappear. In addition to this a light and sound program was developed. The actual work was constructed as follows. On entering the space the walls were flushed with green light disguising the phosphorescent lines on the walls. This was accompanied by a low pulsating sound. After 1 minute a stroboscope started flashing together with a high pitched sound. 30 seconds later the green light was extinguished together with the low pulsating sound. After 30 seconds the stroboscope stopped together with the high pitched sound. The dark space revealed the afterglow of the phosphorescent lines on the wall defining a different space that seemed deeper and wider. The only sound left slowly diminished as the glow also slowly faded away. This program was repeated every 4 minutes.

more information on the Lightart Museum: Centrum Kunstlichtkunst

Spatial Transition II is shortlisted for the London international Creative Competition, click on logo to see the publication of LICC 01




Kunstenaars Materialen summer 2007