Location: Pinetum Van der Lindelaan Hilversum

Pinetum is a botanical garden in Hilversum with a unique collection of conifer trees. Four artists were invited by curater Cato Cramer to make a work specific to the location. I made two light installations: a cloud formation on the open field and a translation of a growth process.

Installation 1 "Translation of a growth process' - This was inspired by a specific groep of trees which appear to have grown in circles around each other. After informing I discovered that these trees were originally one tree to begin with. The branches had hung so low that they touched the ground. Here they started sprouting roots and eventually the branch broke off becoming an independant tree. I pictured this growth process and created a light installation in the open space between the trees which was covered with a bed of pines needles. Here I inserted led lamps into the soil in similar pattern as the trees.The lamps turned on in a sequence moving from inside outward thus simulating the growth process. The lamps were custom made from silicone and molded into an organic shape which showed a lot of resemblence to a mushroom. It also happened to be the time of the year that mushrooms popped up out of the ground.

Installation 2 'Cloud formation on an open field'- On a grass field I made another installation where steam came out of the ground. I have always been fascinated by activity of lava and steam underneath the earth's crust. The ground beneath our feet which seems so stable is alive and constantly in motion. So here I created a small geiser in the unlikely setting of this lush green garden. The steam was constantly in motion and changing depending on the weather influences. Sometimes it would go up in plumes and roll over the grass and sometimes it would sit like a cloud. When the sun hit the steam it would capture the light and reflect in brillant white.

Both installations were created with the technical assistance of Ed Dammers.

more info: www.pinetum.nl



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