Ministerie EZ / Ministry of Economic Affairs

Location: Ministry of Economic Affairs, The Hague, Netherlands
Size: height, width, depth 3.17x2.92x7.03 m.

This work was created for in a hallway that marks the entrance of the department of International Relations. The narrow hallway could be seen as a forgotten space and was not at all attractive looking. It had many strange corners and angles. Even the walls themselves contained different surfaces. In establishing a concept of making a light work the idea was to bind the space and create a connection with the department. International Relations concerns itself with economic involvement across the globe and for this communication is vital. This was translated into light modules which were integrated in the wall and composed to define the small space and how one moves through it. The two opposite walls contain longer modules with a length of 130 cm. The flow of the light lines continues above the entrance with shorter modules 50 cm. long. The modules contain green and blue led lights with a red core also led. The red core of the longer modules intercepts at different heights and fluctuates. Like a signal on both sides of the wall the red core lights up and extinguishes at varying intervals depicting a form of communication. The short blue lines are static and have in a sense come to an agreement for their course of direction. The longer light modules also vary in the vertical position on the wall. This follows both the movement of the hallway which descends in the middle and also shows a pattern similar to the flow of a graph. For the construction a false wall had to be assembled in which the modules could be mounted. Economic Affairs will move to another building in 2012. The artwork will be dismantled and reassembled there. Since it has been custom designed for the space it will have to be altered and redesigned for the new situation.

The work is not accessible for the public accept for employers and visitors of the department. Anyone who is interested in viewing the work can contact me.