Location: Effenaar Eindhoven NL

scale lake: approximately 50x20 meters

This work was created for the Glow light art festival in Eindhoven. The lake behind the cultural pop centre Effenaar filled with lustrous growth gave a great contrast to the concrete angular lines of the building. This set the idea to enhance this attempt to bring nature back into the urban environment. I wanted to blow this up by turning the lake into a swamp with clouds of mist and fireflies hiding in the reeds. A magnification of the mystical wilderness as we know from films and comics. An image completely removed from reality. The fireflies pulsated calmly in their normal state. Movement of people made them restless causing them to start flying around frantically untill finally they found their original position again and resumed their normal pulse.

The installation was built up of 510 led lights mounted on metal rods which were connected to a control unit regulating motion patterns.Two proximity sensors placed on different corners of the lake served as triggers for different motions. The mist was created by two smoke machines which were programmed to blow every 2.5 and 5 minutes. Par lights with dark blue filters projected color into the mist. The reeds which had originally filled the lake had unfortunately been cut bare. We attempted to bring back the feeling of growth by sticking willow twigs around the lights. In a sense this did add to the idea of creating a completely artificial state of nature. I do hope to be able to install this work again with real growth be it reeds, trees or any other form of shrubbery.

technique by Jos knoop

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