Fyns Kunstmuseum

Location: Jernebanegade 13 Odense Denmark

The Fyns Kunstmuseum marked its 150 year anniversary with a special exhibition in collaboration with the National Gallery of Copenhagen. The exhibition Et Handryk: The Handshake showed a retrospective of Danish and French avantgarde between 1945 till 1980 to emphasize its importance, the facade of the museum had to be made visible revealing a visual connection on the outside with what could be seen inside.

The lightinstallation was a direct response to the exhibition and tapped into the essence of the concrete art concept where the focus lies on line form and color. The neoclassistic building seemed to oppose this therefore my attention went to using the windows as a framework instead of the outer facade. The work is inspired on the painting: Hældningskoefficient 01:02:03 by Gunnar Aagard Anderson. On this canvas the diagonals form a rhythmical pattern. A similar pattern was created behind the windows with blue neonflex breaking the building down into lines. The central window behind the balcony was where the two points of the diagonals came together. This brought a relation to the painting Et Handtryk by Jean Arp and Richard Mortensen where two triangle forms meet. The central window also stood out in color being yellow: complementing the blue. The yelllow returned in one single projection on the building where the triangular pediment was lit up marking the crown of the building. This triangle was mirrored back in a projection on the street in front of the building. The entrance of the museum was enhanced by a series of light projections showing a similar pattern to that of the light installation on the building. The design also connected to the existing pattern of the pavement. This idea came from the desire to make the space in front of the museum feel like a square. In that sense the road running in front had to virtually disappear. The colors of the projections were white yellow and orange. Across the road the same blue neonflex lines were brought back to reflect the building and to bind the space.

The work was revealed by the mayor of Odense Anker Boye in the presence of the queen of Denmark. Photos of the opening ceremony can be seen via this link of the Fyens Stiftstidende

information on exhibition: Fyns Kunstmuseum

This work was established with help of Illumenarts


Hældningskoefficient 01:02:03 by Gunnar Aagard Anderson

st by J.

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