Hooghuis was an art initiative in Arnhem which had to close down. I was invited to make something for the endmanifestation. I had previously built an installation: Artificial Cosmosfor the last happening in Villa Veldhoeve. It was an experiment where I was trying to redefine our sense of space by completely defying it. I usually respond and focus on elements that are specific to the space and environment but this time I created something completely artificial that could be made anywhere and is therefore non site- specific.

I built a cosmos by making a room totally black and hanging fosforescent spheres in different sizes through the space. In the middle of the room I had placed a dentist chair which could be controlled by a joystick. Only one person could enter. I would guide the person to the chair and leave him/her in there for 5 minutes. To cocoon the environment even more I had asked David Testas to make a soundscape. In Hooghuis I made the follow up: Artificial Cosmos II. It was a similar concept except this time I wanted more people to be able to enter the room independantly. I had made second 'fake walls' of hardboard. In these panels/boards a circular pattern was cut out and fosforescent half spheres fitted in. Behind these panels I had installed lamps which were connected to a light program. Once again I had asked David Testas to react with sound.

The viewer entered the room through a darkened corridor to give some time to adjust to the darkness. The spheres would be lit up from behind in five minutes with light pulses and then turn off for 15 minutes leaving only the afterglow. The sensation was different depending on when the viewer entered the room. When the light was pulsing everything was clearly visible but if someone entered during the fifteen minute break it would at first seem that there was only blackness. If the viewer was patient enough to wait a few minutes, the spheres would start to slowly become visible and therefore seem to appear by magic. Sometimes people could not define if they were really 'seeing' this or imagining it.

To see flash movie invite for Arficial Cosmos Click here