Into the Light

Location: Koraalberg Gallery Pourbusstraat Antwerp
Size: height x width x length 350 x 420 x 1163 cm.

This work was created in The Koraalberg Gallery for Into the Light a project established by Error One. The incentive was to have works involving light and video connecting the two museums and the galleries in between in the south of Antwerp. All the works could be seen from street view in the dark hours. I developed a light installation where the deep space of the gallery would gradually reveal itsself through blue light that projected up agains the ceiling from the steel beams. When the space was completely lit up in a blue hue all the lights dimmed. A cloud of white light emerged from behind a wall at the back of the gallery space that the spectator was facing. From streetview point the passers by could not see where the white light continued or ended. Despite that one could get a tangible sense of another layer within this space that still needs to be discovered. Enticing to enter and find out but the glas door held a barrier and the viewer could only stand by imagining what might be there. The programmed sequence lasted 4 minutes.

Koraalberg Gallery: Error One:

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