KLPD Assen

Location: KLPD Assen traffic police

scale: length underneath stairs and pavement 14 and 16m, above stairs 7.6 m

Atelier Rijksbouwmeester oversees integrating public art in government buildings as part of a one percent policy. I was selected to make a work for the new extension of the Traffic Police building in Assen. This new section is constructed like an atrium with glass corridors connecting the offices around the open core. It has no ground level but instead is elevated leaving space underneath to park cars. A monumental glass staircase connects the two levels and serves as the main entrance for the employers. Each space works and functions by itsself own and neither seem to acknowledge the other. The only connection is the staircase. This was the main focus point to create an integrated light artwork. I traced the lines of the staircase from underneath and allowed these continue into the pavement with blue led light lines. The lines also continue in the staircase above in a contrasting red color. The building is located at a central traffic point where the highway intersects with the motorway. In between is a roundabout which lies next to KLPD. At certain angles cars look directly into the parrallel light lines that run from the stairs into the pavement. They suggest an indication of direction but actually serve to draw focus to this unique building. Facing the other side on entering the building via the stairs the red light lines reflect back in the glass facade giving an intricate play of depth.

architect Van Mourik: www.architectenvanmourik.nl

Atelier Rijksbouwmeester: www.rgd.nl