Kunst tot de Nacht

Location: Ambachtsschool Alkmaar NL

scale: combined

For a one night project Kunst tot de Nacht (Art to the night) I was invited to make a light installation in the newly renovated former Crafts School. It would be reopened harbouring four cultural institutes: Kunstuitleen, Art Compagnie, Regionaal Archief and Archeoligisch Centrum. The building is a monument and holds a majestic entrance to a marble hall. I wanted to make a reference to it's former function and to focus on specific architectural elements in the building. The installation consisted of three parts. The first part one could be seen on entering the building. The glas division between the entrance hall and main hall showed projections of old images taken from the archive of students, work places and crafts men and women practicing their profession. In the main hall visitors were immediately drawn to the monumental stairs. Here I traced the lines of the steps from underneath the stairs with horizontally mounted led lightlines. These lines were controlled by a program which showed an upward motion as if they were following the steps of the people. In the hall the niches above the high doors were indirectly lit out in a red hue and the arches leading towards the corridors were lit up in blue corresponding back to the blue light of the stairs. The work was assembled in one day and taken down the same night. It was the shortest time for an installation of mine to remain standing.

Kunst tot de Nacht www.kunsttotdenacht.nl