Lampyris Noctiluca for Amsterdam light Festival

Location: Hortus Amsterdam

scale: 14x8x3 meters

This installation was part of the Illuminade Art route for the Amsterdam Light Festival. Lampyris Noctiluca is an ongoing work that attempts to recreate a visualization of fireflies in different surroundings. The first version was made for Glow 2012 in the pond behind Effenaar, the second version was installed in a lake for the Into the Great Wide Open festival in Vlieland. Here for the Amsterdam Light Festival I discovered this special site behind the Hortus in Amsterdam. Two trees that have fallen into the canal over 30 years ago have miraculously continued growing. The branches reach up out of the water like mangroves. I assembled 500 led lamps in and around these branches. In its calm state the lamps pulsated softly. When someone walked past the installation a motion sensor was activated making the creatures fly around frantically in a swarm as if they were starled. Eventually they calmed down and resumed their original pulse. Lampyris Noctiluca enhances the sensation that we seek in nature and green areas. A fleeting moment that allows us to lose ourselves. A temporary escape from the city, and the hustle and bustle.


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