Location: Kleine Zaal Vishal Haarlem

scale:270 x 570 cm.

This installation was made for the exhibition series: Het Schaduwrijk (The Shadow Kingdom). The Kleine Zaal is a small space behind a large window which faces the market square. The concept for this work was derived from the title Shadow Kingdom. A shadow is established when the light of a light source is completely or partially obstructed by an object. The conditions for a shaduw to appear requires both the presence of light and an object. Light in itsself cannot be a shadow but by casting a shadow directly over a light source something else is revealed. This is the most visible with a full solar eclipse where the shadow of the moon blocks the sun giving a corona of light. Inspired by this phenomena I made a design where objects cast a silhouette of light instead of a shadow. By allowing the borders of the object to reflect back indirect light a 'light shadow' arises. The object is surrounded by an aura of light. The geometric forms of the work are completely symmetrical and change in color and intensity every 5 minutes. This happens so gradually that most passing viewers do not directly perceive the change.


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