Lightpath Crossing

Location: Skolegangen Albertslund Denmark
Size: path length 185 m. tunnel wall length 25 m.

This installation was part of the Lyslyd (lightsound) project where artists working with light and sound were invited to make a temporary work in 10 different municipalities. The municipality of Albertslund contains specific aspects that define the orientation and how users move from one place to the other. The centre of the town has no car traffic. This has been established by dividing the traffic into two levels. The upper level for the cars and the lower level for the cyclists and pedestrians. This division causes the lower level to be a maze of tunnels and bridges. In developing concepts for light installations the focus was on these tunnels and bridges and to try to establish a connection between these levels where possible. Another focus was to make these locations more than just a place of transit from one point to the next but to have passers-by be drawn to look at these non-spaces and become more aware of how they are interconnected with each other. Four locations have been chosen which form a circle. Three were established in August 2009. One installation: upsidedown remained from the summer project. For February the focus was on location 4 at the Skolegangen. This is a long path intercepted by three tunnels, above which roads run for the car traffic. The work aimed to concentrate specifically on the different levels of motion and direction.The long path was lit up with low lying light lines on each side of the pavement. This defined the length of the path creating more sense of perspective. The aurrounding street lights were also filtered with warm amber to spread a warmer glow. Around midway the path is intersected by a long tunnel with high horizontal tunnel walls. These were floaded in a turquoise hue. Thus defining the intersection with complementary colors.


with the help of Illuminarts:

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