Lumineus Amersfoort

For a light art route centered around the canals of the old town of Amersfoort I developed two light installations on location. The first installation 'Lichtcirkel' was created for the Heksenbrug. In the middle ages this bridge was used to discard of women accused of witch craft. The bridge has a perfect round arch. By mounting blue light lines parallel to each other the reflection completed the lines to form a light circle. The circle also stands symbol as a cycle of life and death and thus commemorates the women that came to their end here. The second installation 'Twee Bogen' was situated in a bridge behind the Varkensmarkt. This bridge is very deep and placed in a strange angle. As seen from the street it is hard to define where the tunnel of the bridge leads to and the two arches suggest that there must be a second bridge. At night this perspective is no more than a black hole. By using indirect light the arch of the bridge was emphasized, as was the building hanging over the canal. The two arches were highlighted with a light strip of moving lights. The incentive was to draw attention to this location and make the spectator curious enough to venture by boat and see the work up close.

More information on the project can be found on the web site of Lumineus Amersfoort

Catalogue Lumineus Amersfoort

Article Algemeen Dagblad Amersfoort