Museum Hilversum

Location: Museum Hilversum NL

scale: 2.4x6.4 meters

This installation was part of two exhibitions: de Salon Hilversum which brought together artists and designers of the region, and de Stad 3D which had the theme of the city and art in the urban environment. The work I created specifically responded to the architecture and could be seen outside from dusk. A busy street runs behind the building but from this perspective visibility of the museum is practically non existent. The cars drive past a long blind wall. The only openings are at the corners of the museum where glass runs from the basement to the ceiling. I used one of these corners to make a light installation. White led neon flex lightlines were mounted behind the windows at the same diagonal angle. When they lit up you could see the pattern of the lines reflected back in opposite window making it seem like they were crossing over stitched into each other. The reflections created a strange depth which could not be defined at first. During the first exhibition the work was static as seen in photo. For a final project of De Stad 3D Kunst op Straat I implemented motion creating a sequence of different patterns.

technique by Robert Bosch

Museum Hilversum:

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