Location: Museum Hilversum Netherlands

scale: height: 2 meters times 8

This light installation made for museum Hilversum was initially built for the exhibition De Salon and then stayed on for Its Art in the Game. The blue led light lines were vertically mounted above the stairs which lead from the ground floor to the first floor. The space which has an obvious functional purpose contains interesting architectural aspects. The wall on the left runs over the height of both floors and is visible from different perspectives above and below. Between the two stairs protrudes a narrow glass pane facing towards the street. This pane was open during De Salon allowing the light to shine outwards at night. In Its Art in the Game the windows were blackened increasing the intensity of the work as it radiated inwards in a blue hue. The lines visually lead upwards following the stairs. The still image was intercepted by a motion pattern where the lines would follow the steps up and down. It mimics the physical motion drawing new focus on the space and its function.

more info: Museum Hilversum

st by J.