Petersburg Projectspace

Petersburg Projectspace is a new art initiative in Amsterdam. I was invited to make a light installation for the first exhibition. Two architectural features stood out. The space has a triangular shape and is divided by a wide opening in the middle. To draw attention to these aspects I made panels to close of the large windows except for the one in the point of the triangle. The natural light flooded the corner. This was emphasized by covering the window with yellow light foil. The gatelike opening was drawn out with a blue led lightline tracing the border. The blue set against the yellow gave a sense of light and day. This is the first time that I combined both daylight and artificial light in one installation. The two windows facing the street were covered with diffusion foil. By using a combination of pigments and led light lines a reference was made towards the installation inside the building. This was very subtle during the day and stood out as it got darker. The windows could also be seen by the trains passing by.

More info on Peterburg Projectspace can be found on their website: Petersburg Projectspace

Foto by maria Heijdendael