Polderlicht was a 3 day project on an old industrial terrain in Amsterdam. 34 artists that worked with light, sound, film and video were invited to create something specifically for this area. I choose to do something with the old gas container, now in use as a sports hall. It is a very special and unique looking building: round with a domed roof and a gallery with 174 glass windows going down in a vertical angle all around. From a distance it looks like a u.f.o. The gallery surrounded by glass was what I wanted to concentrate on specifically.To bring it more together I covered all the windows with diffusion paper. Behind this I mounted 23 500 watt lamps covered with blue filters. These projected blue light onto the windows. This minimal change gave a completely new focus on the unique shape of this building. It seemed to lift this massive construction. People who walked past it daily and new the building reacted very strongly and many wished it could stay like this.