Location: Linneauskerk, Linneaushof Amsterdam

scale: 2x3 meters

Polderlicht@home is a light art route in the East of Amsterdam where visitors can see works that have temporarily been installed in people's homes. This unique setting is intimate and tickets for the route are limited to no more than 100 visitors a day. My work was not installed in someone's house but in a church at the Lineaushof so in a sense it was still public space. In the entrance portal of the church viewers could see the light installation by looking through the three glass stained windows on the right which exposed a small space normally used for storage. The work tapped into an incident which had occurred a few years back: the church had suffered from a terrible fire in 2009. In the small storage space I discovered charred remnants that reminded us of what had taken place: a door and two window frames. I decided to use these artifacts and assembled them in the space like pieces of a decor. The half burned door was set ajar in the real door opening. Behind this door a smoke machine was placed. Different spotlights were directed to expose the artifacts from various angles revealing them from the front and behind casting their shadows in different directions. Some lamps had orange filters mounted in front of them which gave off a warm fiery glow. The lights were connected to a program turning them on and off unfolding the space from different pespectives like a viewing box. Occasionaly the smoke machine would puff a cloud of smoke coming from behind the charred door. The remnants retold their story.


more information on polderlicht@home: www.polderlicht.com