Three light installations on location in Albertslund for LYSLYD

:Lyslyd is a light and sound project organized by Kopenhagen International Theatre. Light and sound artists are invited to make interventions in the public space in ten participating municipalities. The events take place during the summer and during the winter. The first edition was in August 2009. For the municipality of Albertslund three light installations were created in so called spaces of transit being tunnels and bridges. The installations use different reflecting surfaces and react on the specific locations. The works aim to bring a new awareness of these crossing points, it's function and how one can sense moving through and/ or over these when passing by. These locations normally just serve a function of allowing passage from one place to the next. Albertslund has developed quite a unique and intricate system of tunnels and bridges. The car traffic is seperated from the pedestrian and cyclists traffic creating two levels. This aspect is also emphasized in the light installations. In the winter the project continues and another light installation will be created in Albertslund. To see a map of the locations click here

Reflection 1:Upsidedown Location: Nordmarks Alle, Albertslund, Denmark Size: height,width,length 5.20x11x25 m.

Here a cyclists path runs next to the canal which then both go under a viaduct. On the side of the kanal a geometric shape is drawn out with neon flex led lines. The shape runs across the walls and over the roof to form a square. This can be seen back in the reflection of the water. Another lightline is mounted up against the roof on the adjacent side transporting an orange glow over the roof surface. The installation can be seen during the day and at night. The municipality has decided to leave the installation as a permanent work.

Reflection 2:Bridge Crossing Location: Kanatorvet, Albertslund, Denmark Size: height,width,length 2.40x6.90x7.50 m.

These two low lying bridges marc a crossing between the carpark and the shopping centre and is extremely busy with pedestrian traffic especially during the day. In the exact centre between the two bridges two plexiglass cubes were installed in the water. The top cube is covered with tranlucent yellow foil on all sides except for the two sides facing the bridges. These are covered with transparent yellow foil creating a yellow window that the passersby can look through as they cross the bridges. The cube is framed on both sides with a neon flex led light line which lights up at night. From a distance they look like floating squares. The bottom cube is also covered with yellow transparent foil and contains a piramid inside. This lights up red from within at night. The body of water between the two bridges is surrounded by an edge of mirrors. Above these mirrors another lightline is mounted. The reflections and color melt together as sunlight plays on the ripples of the water surface. At night the top cube hovers above the water surface. In a sense this location defines the entrance of the shopping centre and is now more clearly recognized.

Reflection 3: Above and Below Location: Kongsholms Alle, Albertslund, Denmark Size: height,width,length: 0.70x3.40x4.30 m.

This tunnel shows the most clear example of how the two levels are connected. Below the tunnel brings pedestrians to the residential area whilst above we have the car traffic. In the center of the tunnel there is an opening to the sky. From above one cannot see that this is an opening since it looks like a concrete basin. In the exact center of this basin a plexiglas elongated cube was mounted which was covered with yellow transparent foil. This cube contains an upside down pyramid which was constructed of mirrors. The construction rises up out of the basin. Cars passing by can detect movement within the tunnel through the mirrored pyramid. From beneath pedestrians can look up and see the cars passing by. The inside of the opening is also lined with mirrors. These reflect the sky and the trees surrounding it and bring more light back into the tunnel. At night various light lines are illuminated: one in the cube and one wrapped around the opening facing upwards. At night the multiple reflections create an endless depth. This installation will also remain for a longer amount of time.


foto: janus Nissen


foto: Mia Strom Jensen


video of the opening click on logo to view