Light installation for Beaufort03 Art by the Coast

Location: Watertower Middelkerke Belgium
Size: height 60 m. circumferance 45 m.

This work was created for Beaufort03 Triennial for Contemporary Art curated by Philip van den Bossche. The watertower in Middelkerke rises above the dune landscape sixty meters high. It is defined as a landmark for Middelkerke and can be seen from far during the day. Now the water tower also stands out during the dark hours.The light installation responds to both this aspect and the specific form of the tower. The very top of the tower is crowned by a concrete lining which shields the windows underneath. The 24 windows were covered with milky foil to allow a dispersion for the light that is being projected from inside. The concrete lining on top of the tower is lit up indirectly by projecter lamps mounted underneath on the exterior walkway surrounding the tower. This creates the image of a halo of light. The led projector lamps are controlled by a light program. The two light groups shift in color and motion. These reflect the transitions of the natural surroundings that the tower is set in. The dunes, the wind and the sea. The changes take place approximately every seven minutes and evolve slowly as seen in natural phenomena. The full program lasts two and a half hours. The light turns on with a light sensor and can be seen from dusk till dawn. The municipality of Middelkerke has brought the work so it will remain there permanently.

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