Tamar Frank in collaboration with Rudolf Nottrot (sound)

Location: Hospitaal Memling Museum, Bruges Belgium
Size: height, width, depth 4.3x16.3x30 m.

This work was created for 'kantlijnen' (The Face of Lace) curated by Hedwig van Onna and Hanneke Kamphuis. The installation was inspired by the legend of Serena. The tale describes how the making of lace was discovered by Serena who was wondering through the woods and after falling asleep under a tree wakes up to discover a spiderweb on her lap depicting a beautiful pattern which she later on recreates. In the attic of the historic St. john's Hospital thin fosforescent threads were mounted between the massive wooden beems. The threads follow and mirror the curves of the beams and form webs in the vast space. The space is divided in three segments: forest, horizon and water. Through the space small speakers were mounted which resonated sound from the beams. The light in the space alternated between green (forest) red (horizon) blue (water) blacklight and darkness. In moments of darkness the fosforescent threads could be seen as an afterglow revealing intricate webs and patterns floating in the space. The spectator could wonder through the space and discover the work as it went through it's different phases. When approaching the end point where all the threads entertwined and reached the ground a motion sensor triggered the sounds of a violin. The sequence lasted 6:26 minutes.Technical realization was established bij Robert Bosch and Wim Plas.

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Foto by Daphne Schappert







making of Kantlijnen with music by Rudolf Nottrot