Theater de Lampegiet

For the renewed theatre in Veenendaal I was asked to develop an integrated light artwork that would relate to its surroundings and draw attention to the entrance. This assignment was commissioned by the theatre and the city council of Veenendaal. The story behind the name 'Lampegiet' refers to a regional tale. Before the time that there was electricity the factories were lit with oil lamps. In October when the days got shorter the 'Lampegieter' would go around filling all the lamps with oil so that the people could have light. This is commemorated every year in October with a parade of lanterns. The design for the artwork is an abstraction of a lantern parade. The pillars march toward the entrance and create a path from the car park behind the the building. the pillars are made of steel and intersections are made to allow light to shine through. These intersections move rhythmically upwards from one pillar to the next. The artwork was established in collaboration with Huibers en Jarring Architectenbureau.

More information on the artwork can be found on the web site of Veenendaal

Publication 'In Woord en Beeld' kunst in de openbare ruimte