Verloren Systeem

Location: Boerderij Klaaskampen Laren NL

scale: 3.4x8 meters

Artist Barbara Kluiver invited me to participate in the project Kunst op Straat (Art on the Street) in the pittoresque village of Laren. My location was an old farmhouse which was half deserted. I discovered that one third of this house used to be a work place for a heating installation company. The farm was still in hands of the family and they were trying to sell it. The old work place had been emptied out but many details remind you of what was once there. The markings, the hooks for tools and so on. The most remarkable detail was that of a self made cabinet systeem with different compartments for tools, pipe pieces, bolts and bits. Many of them were still labelled. This system to find things was now lost and would never be used again. I assembled different colored lights in the different compartments. Through a program cabinets would light up and go out. This was an attempt to visualize the process of searching for something. Something that can never be found. A reminder of what was once there. The space was not accessible for passers by. They discovered the work by peeking through different holes in the small windows. At certain times the space could be accessed under surveillance. This work was established thanks to the help of family De Wit and thje real estate company Schaap en Hollander who allowed me to use this unique location.

technique by Robert Bosch

the farm is still for sale:

more information on Kunst op Straat: