Location:Dreiumme 43 Warnsveld
Size: different lengths throughout the building

This work was commissioned by the municipality of Zutphen and the Kulturhus Association. The Kulturhus (cultural centre) was being renovated and extended with a monumental glass facade. The building which contains different functions was opened up giving more space and connecting the different areas. The main entrance was marked with a specific architectural element: a robust rusty steel tunnel contrasting with the glass running diagonally into the building. Despite these strong features more emphasis was needed to define the front of this building and the entrance. What was now the main entrance had formerly been the back entrance. The art concept was developed so that the building would get a new identity that can clearly be seen both during the day and the evening. The glass facade was traced with a diagonal pattern of horizontal lines printed on the glas in blue and green. The diagonal follows the same angle as the the angle of the stairs. The pattern of lines reoccur in the sliding doors of both entrances and the glass railing of the stairs. The next concentration was marked with an orange LED line that runs through the building once again drawing attention to the specifics of the space and architecture. At the front entrance the line also makes a diagonal movement into the building through the rusty steel of the entrance gate. This line continues inside over the top of the entrance and vertically descends down to the ground. The line continues its journey through the building underneath the stairs and the second floor. Finally it stops on the other side of the reception vertically facing the cantine and the back entrance. Both elements connect through the whole building and can be seen immediately whether entering from the front or back entrance.



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