Lichtkunst in de Watertoren / Lightart in the Watertower

The Water tower

Water Company of Drenthe is the owner of the water tower. The tower, which is no longer in use, is now a monument. The company was looking for a way to make it accessible for the public. In 2004 the counsel of Coevorden set out to research the possibilities and came to idea of making it a temporary platform for light art. Since 2005 a different artist has been invited every year to make a work on location. In 2008 the former fortified town of Coevorden exists 600 years on paper. For this occasion the request was made to relate to this in the light work of Tamar Frank.

Tamar Frank in collaboration with Ed Dammers

Tamar Frank has taken the elements of water, view expansion and the old fortification as a starting point to draw a relation between the past and the present. The watertower has served the inhabitants for a long time but water contributed to this town in more ways. In the time that the fortification was till in tact it was surrounded by water. Besides that the old Waterline* has been actively used to fend off the enemy. Frank brings the water back into the tower in her installation. On entering, the inside space is flooded with blue light. The spectator will activate a program through a sensor. From top till bottom little points of light tumble down finally projecting a pointed image in the water. The light image refers to the history of the town, with the fortification as it once was and the many lives that have died defending it. Next to this introvert image Frank also refers to another aspect. The tower is the highest building in the surroundings and can therefore give signals to alert people. By making the tip of the tower pulsate in red a reference is made to the state of vigilance that has been a part of this town’s history.

* through an irrigation system fields could be flooded

Dagblad Het Noorden Coevorden Huisaanhuis

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