West Pender Place

Location: Vancouver Canada

scale: height tall tower: 120 meters, short tower: 40 meters, width led lines: 8 meters

This work was commissioned by Reliance Properties. The desire was to have an integrated light art work on the concrete cores of the two towers that would set apart the building and at the same time relate to its surroundings.

The idea for the light installation was inspired by the natural surroundings.The city skyline holds a spectacular backdrop of mountains and water. But the work also responds to the architecture of the building which is constructed of glass all the way around apart from the concrete core. The two towers are connected by a lower section between them. The building is not rectangular but instead protrudes at different angles drawing diagonal lines in the glass facade. These angles can be seen as mountain peaks and they became the starting point for the light design. Led light lines were mounted on the concrete core horizontally. The lines reveal 40 different preset modes which have been uploaded to the rgb modules. One state is a graphic pattern of a single angle that meets up with angle of the building representing the sihouette of a mountain. This image remains the same but the colors change very gradually. The flow of the colors was inspired by the changes of the seasons and the changes of the day. They blend into each other with fades of up to 2 minutes making the transitions look natural as part of the environment. The different settings remain from 15 to 30 minutes per image. The graphic state is sometimes intercepted by a dynamic state where a motion is simulated of water running down the building. The whole sequence takes more than 8 hours so it is not to be seen as a light show but more as a general presence.



st by J.

live radio interview on News1130(below) in the Vancouver Sun (right) and campaign film by Peak Communicators (above)