Open Stal "Licht Gewelf / Light Arch"

location: Church Oldeberkoop, size: 6.5 x 30 m.

Installation created for Art Route Open Stal in the village of Oldeberkoop in Friesland. This is one of the oldest existing art routes in Holland and each year it is held in various public spaces including gardens cafeteria and in my case the old church at the centre square of the village. The church is classic and sober as is the tradition in Friesland. The windows within are also quite small and narrow. Apart from at the altar the natural light is limited. There is also no colour in the form of tainted windows within. Most prominent are the beams that hold the arched dome. In the installation I responded by filling the dome with light and colour. The colours: sky blue and golden amber are inspired by and derived from the church fresco paintings of the rennaisence.