Looking at lightart in the dark? The exhibition 'Polderlicht' is based on just that because after sundown different artists wil show their lightart.

What is lightart? John Pop, establisher: 'That varies from neon letters, slide projections and video. We even have someone who is painting shadows. All the artists have been selected on their ability to work with light. The participants include photographer Henk Wildschut, and Peter Zegveld who works a lot with theatre.

Why Polderlicht?' The exhibition takes place on the former Oostergasterrein in Amsterdam, an old industrial area which will be transformed into a new housing project soon. We want to draw attention to the area as it is now to the surrounding neighbours. Lightart seemed a good way extract the obscurity of the the area. The exhibition consists of around six streets and the route can be walked in about one hour. On arrival maps are handed out.


Rails, October 2003