Villa Zebra


Villa Zebra is the first and only Children's Museum in Holland. They are situated in the Museumpark right opposite the famous Boymans van Beuningen Museum in Rotterdam . Initially I was approached to try and think of an idea for lighting on the roof terrace. The plan changed slightly and I ended up making a design for the eight large windows that seperate the roofterrace from the inside space.

I started experimenting with coloured light foils and discovered how you can play with layers and overlappings working from two sides. When the windows are made of double glass the results are even better. I made a linear pattern which first with straight lines and then I cut them out losely leaving a wriggly organic line. This brought back the association of a pattern that could be found on an animal and the museum was filled with all sorts of strange animals. I worked with transparant and translucent foils combining them and creating slits that you can look through to the roof terrace. It ended up being probabaly the most playfull and colourfull work I've made so far. For the transparant foils I used warm colours: red, orange and yellow and for the translucent foils I used: blue and purple. The foils were fully sponsored by Krijt .

During the opening a workshop was organised where children could make their own amazing glasses using the leftovers of these foils. The workshop was repeated several times over the summer and the glasses were presented in a showcase next to the windows.









Radio interview for Radio Rijnmond